Youth Services


Art Therapy

Art Therapy provides creative ways for  youth to understand and explore the emotions around the impact of cancer. 

Art Therapy can help with:

  • Emotional distress (ex. depression, anxiety, anger, grief)
  • Self-expression and communication
  • Exploring new perspectives, such as changing body images, goals, and self-esteem
  • Managing side effects of treatment
  • Learning healthy coping skills and stress management
Family Counseling with Licensed Mental Health Professional

Our professionals are here to meet with you individually to help reduce cancer-related distress through listening, coping strategies, and helpful resources.

By phone, by zoom or in person, we are here for you. Please let us connect you to the support and resources you need.

For families that have to travel for care, you can take advantage of the Comfort Wagon. A gift of familiarity while on the road. Our wagons are filled with your child’s favorite things: snacks, blankets, stuffed animals, and more to help them cope with being away from home. Click below to get in touch with a Support Specialist and learn more.

Take a tour of the Clubhouse and see our Kid’s Room!  Get to know the staff and learn about the individualized support we can provide to your family. Through activities, counseling sessions, art therapy and more – we offer support for youth at all stages of the journey. We look forward to seeing you in the clubhouse!