Cancer is complex and so are the challenges that come with it. Our programs are delivered by mental health professionals and are based on proven strategies to reduce isolation, anxiety, and cancer-distress. All programs are offered to persons with cancer, their caregivers, family and friends free of charge.


Cancer affects a patient’s thoughts, feelings, moods, beliefs, ways of coping and relationships with loved ones. We provide support to help individuals and families meet their mental, emotional, social, and spiritual needs.


Mental, emotional, physical and nutritional wellness are an essential part of your cancer journey. We offer evidence-based programs to support each individuals needs.


Connection matters. Hang out with others who just “get it”. We offer many social opportunities to find extra support, friendships and community.


We partner with local medical, mental health, nutritional, and financial professionals to provide information on a variety of topics to help you and your loved ones navigate your journey.