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What We Do

We’ve put together research-proven activities, workshops and information to improve your quality of life as you navigate the cancer journey.

Cancer is complex and so are the challenges that come with it. Our program is delivered by mental health professionals and is based on proven strategies to reduce isolation, anxiety and cancer-distress. All programs are offered to persons with cancer, their caregivers, family and friends free of charge.


When cancer invades, your world is turned upside down. While the medical community focuses on your physical health, there is no denying its impact on your emotional health. We provide a safe space to process your emotions through a variety of ways – with a licensed mental health professional, a supportive group of peers who “get it” or a match with a volunteer who has walked a similar journey.

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Wellness Activities

Wellness. It’s a buzzword, but an important one. Focusing on your mental and physical well-being can improve long-term health outcomes and boosts quality of life. Whether you prefer yoga, mindfulness, exercise or cooking healthy, we’ve got some fun ways to focus on your health.

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Social Connections

Building community is a building block of the Cancer Pathways Midwest program, and what better way to do it than having fun and enjoying great food. We host a variety of social activities to help take your mind off cancer, to forge new friendships and to strengthen family bonds.

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Educational Workshops

Knowledge is power. Learning how to manage your treatment, nutrition and physical health can restore your sense of control over your situation. We partner with local professionals – medical, mental, nutritional, financial – to provide information on a variety of topics that will help you navigate your journey.

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Emotional Health

We often don’t pay much attention to our emotional health. Some may shy away from discussing their emotions or bringing them to mind. But studies are adamant – emotional health is vital to overall health. And for cancer patients, important for their treatment outcomes. We’ve gathered some resources to help you focus on improving emotional health right where you are.

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Nutrition is not only important for our physical health, eating well can be satisfying, social and can help you get better faster. Whether you’re facing eating challenges because of side-effects, looking to learn ways to improve your eating habits or curious about adding variety to your plate, we’ve got some fabulous resources for you.

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Community Programs

We’re stronger together. That’s why we partner with employers, schools, healthcare organizations and nonprofits throughout the region to bring greater impact to anyone who has been touched by cancer.

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We live in the information age, but not all of it is credible. We search through the noise to find the most valuable and useful information for your situation or we connect you to well-known organizations that have a trove of information that you can trust.

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