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Our organization thrives on the support of amazing people like YOU. Whether it’s delivering treats to infusion centers, cooking mouth-watering meals for support groups, mentoring a participant, or helping with an event, we just couldn’t live out our mission without our thoughtful and hard-working volunteers.

Contact Avory at avory@cancerpathwaysmidwest.org or call 812-402-8667 with questions or more information.

Click here to provide a meal to one of our support groups! Check out our calendar and find the time that works best for you.

Explore the many ways you can get connected at Cancer Pathways Midwest. Check out an overview of volunteer opportunities here. For more information and ways to get involved, contact Avory, Program and Volunteer Administrator, at avory@cancerpathwaysmidwest.org.

Share your skills and talents with us. Like to knit? We need blankets! Enjoy meeting new people? We need greeters! Fill out the form below and let us know what types of opportunities meet your interest and schedule.

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Why I Volunteer

What’s your “why”? Call us today to get involved.

Why I Volunteer

Everyone has a story. What’s yours?

Why I Volunteer

I am a 2 year survivor of stage 3c low grade serous ovarian cancer. My cancer was found when I went in for a procedure with my OB. I had not been having any symptoms, so of course it was a shock! I had two surgeries followed by six rounds of chemotherapy. My journey with volunteering here began shortly after my diagnosis. I was looking to connect with others that were going through or had gone through my similar experience. I began by regularly attending gentle yoga with Barb at Deaconess Chancellor Center while I was going through chemo treatments. I attended a few other events offered at the clubhouse but found that volunteering and getting out into the community to spread the word about what Gilda’s has to offer to everyone affected by cancer is what I really loved. I am also involved with the Thrive Tribe, Peer to Peer Support as well. It is fulfilling to connect with others who are just starting their cancer journey and answering any questions they have or by just simply listening to them. About a year into volunteering, my daughter started her freshman year at Signature school and needed a way to meet her service hour requirement. That’s when volunteering became a family affair! If you ever drive by the clubhouse on a Sunday morning, you may see us out there tidying up the landscaping and flower beds!