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You’re learning a new normal. And yes, you will find “normal” once again. We’ll help you get there.

You’ve made the tough decisions and now you’re adjusting to your new diagnosis.  Our staff and community of encouragers can help you navigate all of the emotions and issues that come with a cancer diagnosis.

Whether it’s one-one-one counseling, group support, workshops to help you learn about all sorts of cancer topics – we have the resources to help you feel empowered and back in control.

Back in the Workforce

Being back in the workforce can be a challenge and you might experience a range of emotions as you transition back.  You might be excited to start getting back to a semi normal, but you also might be feeling scared or anxious.  Maybe you are worried that others will treat you differently or worry about whether or not you have enough energy to do your same job.  If possible, see if you can ease back into your work schedule, maybe starting with just a few days a week or working half days for a while.  Try to keep your schedule light when you first transition back and take frequent breaks.  You don’t want to overdo it.  Talk to your boss and coworkers and let them know that you may need to take it slow for a while.  It is a common misconception for people to think that someone is 100% better just because they are back to work.  Your body needs time to heal and it is okay to take things slow.  You might even be taking maintenance medications that still impact your energy level or cause other side effects.  People may not always understand this, so it might help to have a conversation with those you work with.  Don’t be embarrassed either, this is a normal part of the healing process.


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Ongoing Treatment

All cancer types and stages are different and will require different treatment options.  Sometimes treatment can be relatively straight forward, while others are pretty complicated.  Maybe you have finished with the initial cancer treatment and found out that you will be taking maintenance medication for years to come.  Or perhaps you have learned that your cancer is not curable and that you will be on some form of treatment for the rest of your life.  Whatever the reason that brought you here, you are not alone.  Many others are experiencing the same thing.  Not only are they living with cancer, but they are thriving!  The thought of ongoing cancer treatment lasting for years might be pretty daunting at first.  After experiencing all of the appointments, treatments, and possible side effects, you might be feeling pretty overwhelmed.  Treatment options are always changing and advancing, so you never know what new things might open up.  Try connecting with someone that can relate to your experience.  If you don’t know anyone, then just reach out to us, and we can help you connect to others that are going through similar experiences.


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Family Support

Cancer doesn’t just impact the person with cancer, but it affects the whole family.  If your loved one has cancer, then you might be struggling with the best way to help them.  It can be hard to know exactly what to do or say.  The whole situation might be making you feel pretty helpless too.  It’s easy to be so focused on the cancer that you forget to take care of yourself.  Your health is important too, so make sure that you are not neglecting your health in the process.  It doesn’t do anyone any good if you wind up in the hospital because you were ignoring your own health.  Asking for help can be hard, but it’s okay to ask for help from friends and family.  Often times people want to help, but just don’t know the best way to help.  Here at Cancer Pathways Midwest, we offer support to the whole family.  We can help you connect to the resources and support you need so that you don’t feel so alone.  Whether it is connecting you to support groups, individual support, or even setting up support within your children’s school, we are here to help you.

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My Cancer Path

Need a way to keep everything straight? Here is a way to keep track of everything from medications and diet to weekly appointment reminders in one place.

Download our comprehensive medical journal: it gives you a place to keep contact information for your medical team, track your nutrition and upcoming appointments, write down current medications and track side effects, and just write down thoughts and feelings. Print out the whole journal, or choose only what you need.

Here’s a peak inside:

Download the My Cancer Path Journal

Weekly Reminders

Have trouble remembering what needs done (and when)? Life can be crazy and chaotic- use our Weekly Reminder template to keep organized.

Download the Weekly Reminder

Weekly Medicine Tracker

We know you have a lot on your plate: sometimes, reminders and lists are the only way to get through the day. Keep it all straight with the help of our weekly medicine tracker.

Download the Weekly Medicine Tracker