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When you share your experience, we guarantee you will inspire others and remind them that they are not alone. Our Ambassadors educate others about the issues that patients and caregivers face and help create a community of survivors, caregivers, friends & family members that understand one another.

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Meet Kim

After finding two tumors on a CT scan, Kim had surgery and was diagnosed with typical and atypical neuroendocrine tumors of the lung which had metastasized to her lymph nodes. And if that wasn’t enough, her pathology report, showed an additional adenocarcinoma.

“Thinking I handled everything well, I returned to work after my treatment ended. Everyone thinks that once chemo is over you’re back to normal. Chemo had affected more than I anticipated, so I called Cancer Pathways Midwest. The environment is calm, warm and welcoming, and feels like home. I left there feeling understood and realized they truly “get it”. You aren’t the same once you are thrust on this journey and Cancer Pathways Midwest has made it easier for me to find ME! I come feeling overwhelmed and depleted and leave ready to tackle what life throws at me.”

Meet Parker and Spencer

When Parker was 8 years old, he was diagnosed with pilocytic astrocytoma on the brainstem. 

“Cancer Pathways has helped my brother with his worry and helped me to realize that it’s ok to be angry at cancer.” – Parker

“After all we had been through, we struggled finding a therapist that was a good fit. Cancer Pathways Art Therapy in the Mindful Creations Studio has been phenomenal, providing us with coping skills and help with the anxiety that comes with cancer” – Laura (Mom)

Meet Nic

With two brain injuries in 2015 & 2017, Nic felt there were already a lot of limits placed on his life. Then at 25, he learned he had type II skin melanoma.

“The trauma associated with a cancer diagnosis ages you. It makes it difficult to relate to people your own age and even dating is an obstacle. While they are thinking about their careers and future, I am thinking about the day I’ve been given and if the cancer will come back. It is always in the back of my mind.

Recently, my mother was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer and Cancer Pathways Midwest has been a very powerful resource and source of support for me, my family and friends.”

Meet Kristin

“My baby was 8 months old and I was still breast feeding. I was also not done having kids. The only option to remove the cancer and be here to see my kids grow up, was to have a hysterectomy. That had some profound effects on me and my children, knowing I could not give them another sibling. Although I didn’t lose my hair or have physical scars, I constantly struggle with whether it will come back and the impact it has had on my life. When I was diagnosed, I was made to feel ashamed and people would ask “Why would you want people to know you have HPV?” Cancer Pathways Midwest has provided me an outlet to educate and advocate for myself and others so that no one has to feel ashamed by HPV and most importantly, the power of prevention!”

Meet Angie and Oliver

“The hardest part is transitioning into a life with cancer. Living in a hospital that is three hours from home and family, while trying to maintain your life outside of the hospital, and updating and educating everyone on the medical terminology, procedures and set backs. It is so difficult and exhausting.

Oliver has been through five different chemos and finally received a bone marrow transplant. He is doing great but nothing has been “text book” for him. Through it all, Cancer Pathways Midwest has shown up multiple times, providing unconventional support and resources just when they were needed.”


Mindful Creations

In the past two years, we have experienced  a 1,000% increase in walk-ins and visitors to the Clubhouse.  We understand from experience that cancer doesn’t effect just the individual but the entire family and each family member has a unique journey.

Recently, we had a family who utilized our Mindful Creation Studio to help them process and cope with cancer.  During this particular family’s visit, the activity the Therapist had them do was to make “Worry Stones.”  They began with the modeling clay to mold the stone and place their thumb indention in them.  This was followed by allowing the stones to harden and then the final step of painting them in their own unique way.

Throughout this activity, the Therapist was in the room with them to simply listen, talk, and understand how their journey was going along with giving them coping skills and ideas on how to keep walking this journey – together.  This opportunity allowed the family to gather together, have a healthy outlet of processing, and know that they are not alone.

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities contact Kalah at Kalah@cancerpathwaysmidwest.org or (812) 402-8667.

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