Persons with Cancer

When cancer invades, your world is turned upside down. While the medical community focuses on your physical health, there is no denying its impact on your emotional health – fear, a sense of the loss of control, anxiety and isolation – to name a few.

We provide a safe space to process your emotions through a variety of ways – with a licensed mental health professional and a supportive group of peers who “get it” and have walked a similar journey.

Let us help you get centered with emotional support, education, and some helpful resources. We have an abundance of hugs, encouragement, support and even some laughs to make the journey a little easier.


We offer a variety of emotional support options for those diagnosed with any type or stage of cancer.

Living with Cancer Group

A supportive environment where you can share experiences with others who are also living with cancer. This group meets weekly at Cancer Pathways and via Zoom from 4:00-5:00 p.m., with dinner to follow (to eat at clubhouse or take home), so RSVP is required!

Educational Workshops

Learning how to manage your treatment plan, nutrition, and physical health can restore your sense of control over your situation. We partner with local professionals – medical, mental, nutritional, and financial – to provide information on a variety of topics that will help you navigate your journey.