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Worry Stones

In the past two years, we have experienced  a 1,000% increase in walk-ins and visitors to the Clubhouse.  We understand from experience that cancer doesn’t effect ‘just’ the individual but the entire family and each family member has a unique journey.

Recently, we had a family who utilized our Mindful Creation Studio to help them process and cope with cancer.  During this particular family’s visit, the activity the Therapist had them do was to make “Worry Stones.”  They began with the modeling clay to mold the stone and place their thumb indention in them.  This was followed by allowing the stones to harden and then the final step of painting them in their own unique way.

Throughout this activity, the Therapist was in the room with them to simply listen, talk, and understand how their journey was going along with giving them coping skills and ideas on how to keep walking this journey – together.  This opportunity allowed the family to gather together, have a healthy outlet of processing, and know that they are not alone.