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Coping with Anxiety: Angie’s Tips

Anxiety and/or stress is very common for anyone impacted by cancer to suffer from, which sometimes does lead to depression. I had always been a strong person and was one of those people that did not think I needed help for anything like that. But then I got that call, “you have breast cancer”. My doctor asked me if I needed anything for the anxiety/stress, and I told her no. The next day when it really started to sink in, I called her back & admitted that I needed something to take the edge off. I took Ativan daily throughout my treatment and it did help. However, my husband and best friend could see the worry in my expression and started doing research on other ways to help me. They found that having a lap animal to pet also helped relieve anxiety and stress. Well, I am allergic to cats and dogs, so they found a hypoallergenic cat (Siberian Russian Alley Cat). One Saturday afternoon, I was sitting in my recliner with my pink ribbon blanket talking with my best friend. My husband walks in and plops a tiny black kitten in my lap. I never knew how much this crazy kitten would help me! I named him Samoyla, which means Gift from God in Russian, and we call him Sammy. He’s still with me almost 10 years later. Even now, any time I get a blanket out, he comes out of the woodwork to jump into my lap. So, what should you do to alleviate your stress and anxiety? GET A CAT!

Angie, Survivor