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Do you struggle with worry, feeling overwhelmed, nervous? Anxiety is a normal reaction to a cancer diagnosis. When you first receive a cancer diagnosis, it can be very overwhelming.  There are a lot of decisions to make and often times many unknowns.  It’s pretty common for your anxiety to increase and you might continue to notice that it comes in waves.  Just when your anxiety starts to settle down, something that you weren’t expecting might cause it to shoot back up again.  There is also a lot of waiting in cancer treatment.  Waiting to start treatment, waiting to see how you respond to treatment, waiting for your next scan, waiting for lab results….this whole process would make anyone anxious.  It’s okay to feel anxious, but you don’t have to let the anxiety control your life.  We have people here trained to help and lots of tools for you to try. Please reach out – we are here to help!

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