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Vaginal Cancer


Cancer that forms in the tissues of the vagina (birth canal). The vagina leads from the cervix (the opening of the uterus) to the outside of the body. The most common type of vaginal cancer is squamous cell carcinoma, which starts in the thin, flat cells lining the vagina. Another type of vaginal cancer is adenocarcinoma, cancer that begins in glandular cells in the lining of the vagina.


There are 3 types of standard treatment: surgery, radiation thereapy & chemotherapy. New types of treatment are being tested in clinical trials: immunotherapy & radiosensitizers.

Side Effects*

Side effects may include fatigue, mild skin reactions, upset stomach, and loose bowel movements. Most of these side effects go away soon after treatment is finished. Other side effects may include the narrowing of the vagina, damage to healthy vaginal tissue, dryness of the vagina, and irritation of the intestines.

The information contained in the Treatments and Side Effects sections are for informational purposes only. As with any cancer type, treatments and side effects can differ by patient. Please consult your oncologist for the specific treatments and side effects for your specific cancer.

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