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Appendix Cancer


Appendix cancer (also known as appendiceal cancer) is a condition in which abnormal cells grow in the appendix producing a tumor. These tumors can be either malignant (cancerous and dangerous) or benign (non-cancerous and non-dangerous). Appendix cancer is quite rare, occurring in only about 1,000 people in the U.S each year.


Surgery is the removal of the tumor and some surrounding healthy tissue during an operation. It is the most common treatment for appendix cancer. Most often, appendix cancer is low-grade (see Stages and Grades) and, therefore, slow-growing. Often it can be successfully treated with surgery alone.

Side Effects*

Nausea and vomiting- may occur a few hours after treatments and may last a few days. Drugs such as Kytril or Zofran may be used to control or prevent this side effect. Diarrhea- controlled with medication if it occurs.

Tips and Tricks

I was diagnosed about an year ago with Pseudomyxoma Peritonei /Appendix Cancer . It’s very rare form of cancer. Only way that I could be treated was to go to MD Anderson in Houston Texas for surgery . Now I am facing another surgery due to it is growing around my lungs . Will be returning to Houston Texas this following week . I have a support group on this disease that helps out with a lot of questions and others that have the same cancer.
Carla – Survivor

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