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When Cancer Comes to Work

Get prepared for When Cancer Comes to Work.

Cancer.  It’s too often the elephant in the room…or in this case, at work.  Co-workers are not sure what to say, so they retreat and say nothing.  This causes an already isolating situation become more isolating.  Fear, anxiety, and depression grow.   They often fear they’ll be fired if leadership found out what they are dealing with.

Now imagine having a resource that works with your HR team and provides a customized action plan; that includes everything from what to say and what not to say, to face-to-face meetings with those that want the extra support.  This plan addresses the needs of both the employee with cancer; as well as the employee that has a loved one or a co-worker facing cancer.

We understand that business goes on as usual, even in the midst of cancer, with 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women being diagnosed.   And we’ve also seen the power of building bridges of support and connection within the walls of an organization.   Productivity soars, tenure increases, morale and creativity blossom…because the culture at work is transparent and supportive to employees facing cancer.

Our program is available both virtually through online digital resources, as well as onsite at your organization.  Now is the time to prepare your plan, call 812-402-8667 and let’s talk about the possibilities!

Don’t wait until cancer shows up – prepare, rather than react.

Cancer Pathways Midwest (formerly Gilda’s Club Evansville) helped us cope with the loss of a dear colleague and friend who battled cancer. Through their When Cancer Comes to Work program, their staff came to our hospital and met with the department where the employee worked. It was a tough time for everyone that knew this employee. Our hospital functionally and medically rehabilitates people to get back home, so we are used to seeing miracles. The loss of our friend hit us hard. Their team made a huge difference and helped us get through that difficult period. I will forever be grateful for all they have done and for what they continue to do for our community.
Blake Bunner
CEO, Encompass Health Deaconess Rehabilitation Hospital
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