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Thrive Tribe

Survivors - Caregivers - Friends - Co-workers...YOU are our Thrive Tribe!

What we pour out into the lives of others, comes back into our own.

You will be blessed!

I do not know you. I do not know your cancer story or status. I do not know what support or needs you might have or need in the future. I do know we have a Thrive Tribe that is here and willing to support you at any step in your journey. Please don’t ever hesitate to contact Cancer Pathways Midwest when you need somebody to walk with you and/or your loved ones.

         Aaron  Caregiver

When cancer became my diagnosis, I feared the unknown. I spent countless nights writing bullet point after bullet point of questions for my healthcare providers. I came to realize that no matter what the answers to those questions were, I would not be able to change the diagnosis.

At that point I decided I would need a supportive community, more than my family and friends, to help me in overcoming my anxiety and settling my fears. For me, this community was Gilda’s Club, now Cancer Pathways Midwest.

         Whitney  Survivor

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