C Through Cancer

Our interactive cancer prevention training teaches students grades 6 through 12 basic facts about cancer, its effects on families, and risk factors (such as vaping and tanning beds).

Taught by a licensed mental health professional and educator, the program exposes the long-term implications of risky behaviors and influences positive behavior change. Students become empowered to take ownership over their health and have new skill sets to help loved ones dealing with cancer.

This program also has an e-learning curriculum and extension activities in order to deliver digital content remotely, both inside and outside the classroom.

C Through Cancer changed my perspective on how to treat a person with cancer. I know now to treat them like I would everyday, to treat them “normally”. I also now know where to reach out to if someone I know gets cancer.

Naina M.
15 yrs.

The videos shared people’s experiences with cancer or a loved one with cancer. It really opened my eyes to how hard it can be to deal with and helped me realize that people dealing with cancer aren’t the only ones that need to talk with someone about what’s happening, but their family members do too.”

Attisa A.
15 yrs.

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