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Community Programs

Bringing hope, empowerment and support where you are - in community.

Support is often best found within community – a community of family, church, work or a social group. We partner with healthcare providers, wellness groups, employers and schools to bring support, education and resources where people are – places all throughout the greater Tri-State area.

If your organization, company or group would like to partner with us to deliver cancer education or support, let’s talk!

Youth (C Through Cancer)

Empowering middle and high school students

There are many ways to take precautions against cancer, so it’s important to develop healthy habits early in life.

This interactive cancer awareness and prevention training teaches students grades 6 through 12 basic facts about cancer, its effects on families and risk factors like vaping and tanning beds.

The choices we make today paves the path for our health in the future.

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Peer-to-peer Support

You’re a survivor and you want to share your cancer journey, sharing answers to questions you had with someone that is facing their cancer journey.

You’re a caregiver and you want to encourage other caregivers, helping them find ways to take care of themselves while caring for their loved one facing cancer.

You’re a co-worker and a friend that wants to be there for those struggling with the many curves of cancer.

What we pour out into the lives of others, comes back into our own.  Let’s fill each other up!

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The Workplace (When Cancer Comes to Work)

Empowering employees

Cancer is one of the most prevalent diseases in the U.S. today. Thanks to improvements in treatment, people are living longer, fuller lives, which also means most (nearly 80%) return to work.

Is your company ready for the day When Cancer Comes to Work?

We can help prepare your staff to provide a supportive environment that meets both the employee and employer’s needs.

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You have a heart for serving and you give it your all.  Helping your patients navigate the twists and turns from diagnosis to treatments to remission with compassion and care is a ‘normal’ day.  You are fueled when they receive great news and your hearts ache when their cancer hits a roadblock.

Even through the ups and downs, you stay committed and driven by a passion to make sure they have the best care possible, and an incredible healthcare team to walk with them every step.

And because you fill others all day long, it’s super important to keep your cup filled.

Just as we walk with your patients to support their emotional and mental health, we have activities and support designed just for you!

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