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Emotional Health

When cancer invades, your world is turned upside down. While the medical community focuses on your physical health, there is no denying its impact on your emotional health – fear, a sense of the loss of control, anxiety and isolation – to name a few. We provide a safe space to process your emotions through a variety of ways – with a licensed mental health professional, a supportive group of peers who “get it” or a match with a volunteer who has walked a similar journey. 

  • Counseling – One-on-one assistance with a licensed mental health professional
  • Peer-to-Peer Network – Our peer-to-peer connection group is made up of compassionate, inspiring people who have walked a similar journey as you. The “Thrive Tribe” program is built around a variety of individuals with stories connected to cancer that want to help lighten the load for others. They’re ready to share how they’ve dealt with comparable situations or had the same questions.
  • Support Groups
    • Living with Cancer group listings
      • Tuesdays 4:00 – 4:15 pm

Educational Workshops

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QTreatment is over, why am I feeling more anxious?

AWhile you were in treatment, you likely had multiple people in your support network, such as doctors, family, and friends.  When treatment ends and you just have periodic checkups and family and friends check in with you less and less, you might feel that you are losing part of your support system.  This can sometimes cause an increase anxiety.  A lot of people also describe feeling anxious that the cancer might come back.  This is a normal feeling to experience.  Think about talking to someone or joining a support group to help with your anxiety.