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You've just gotten the news. Time to stop, take a breath and let us help you focus on the next step.

A cancer diagnosis brings with it so many emotions – fear, a sense of loss of control, anxiety and isolation – just to name a few.

Another moment that takes your breath away is when you are done with your cancer treatments.  While all those around you are telling you to celebrate and jump back into life – you are asking yourself the question…is it really gone?  Did they get it all?

While your healthcare team focuses on your physical health, your social support network and emotional health is critical to your quality of life and overall wellness.  Our staff and community of people ‘get it’, and are ready to surround you with love, encouragement, support and connection to others who have walked a similar journey.


New Diagnosis

It seems like the world just stopped. You wonder if you heard the words correctly. Let us help you walk through this one step at a time.

First, take a deep breath… or better yet, several of them. When we are faced with shocking news, a series of chemical reactions begin to prepare our mind and body for action. Hearing your name used in the same sentence as cancer can be the emotional equivalent of an earthquake. Here are some initial steps:

Learn the details of your cancer by asking your oncologist or nurse the following questions:

    1. Name of cancer
    2. Size and location
    3. Where it started
    4. Has it spread
    5. Is it considered aggressive or slow-growing
    6. What are the treatment options
    7. For each treatment option, what are the side-effects and the success rate
    8. Make a list of your support system – list everyone in your life who would be supportive in some way and who you could count on. Start with family.

**Source: Edward T. Creagan, MD, Oncologist, Mayo Clinic

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Treatment is Done

You’re at a turning point. Maybe treatment is over or you’re returning to work. We can help you navigate the new normal.

QTreatment is over, why am I feeling more anxious?

AWhile you were in treatment, you likely had multiple people in your support network, such as doctors, family, and friends.  When treatment ends and you just have periodic checkups and family and friends check in with you less and less, you might feel that you are losing part of your support system.  This can sometimes cause an increase anxiety.  A lot of people also describe feeling anxious that the cancer might come back.  This is a normal feeling to experience.  Think about talking to someone or joining a support group to help with your anxiety.

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Loss of a Loved One

Grief can be overwhelming. It’s not an easy or straight path to move forward living with loss. We’re here to help you along the way.

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Facing Cancer Together

Gilda’s Club has been the best thing in my life since my cancer diagnosis. The support group has been great. This is the one place I feel as if anything I say will be understood and supported. I have started yoga classes and they have helped my energy level, as well as my mood and balance.

Susie Survivor

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