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About Us

2022 cancer survivors connected with others while expressing their story through art. This piece signifies that you are not alone, but together as a community.

Our Mission:
To deliver individualized support and resources to anyone impacted by cancer.

Core Values:
Community, Compassion, Hope, Education, and Empowerment

Our Purpose:
To offer a welcoming space that provides psychosocial support, healing, validation, empowerment, and solace to ANYONE impacted by cancer. Our licensed mental health professionals work alongside you and your loved ones to help navigate your specific cancer journey. All services come at no cost to you and your family.

Where We Work:
We partner with healthcare providers, wellness groups, employers, schools, churches and other social groups to bring support, education and resources where you are.

All Are Welcome:
Cancer Pathways Midwest has an open door policy: We serve every individual regardless of race, religion, age, gender, political views, or any other distinctions. Cancer Pathways Midwest does not proselytize.

Who We Are Now

After seven years of serving the community, Gilda’s Club of Evansville rebranded to Cancer Pathways Midwest. In April of 2021, we painted our red door blue and continued helping individuals and families navigate their unique cancer journeys, all free of charge. With “cancer” in the name, our purpose is more obvious. Since the rebrand we have seen an increase in individuals, families, men, women, all ages, all stages and types of cancers seeking support and resources.

Same mission, NEW name.

Our Beginning

When former news anchor and beloved community volunteer, Ann Moore, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2007, she was concerned about the effect it was having on her entire family. Ann became determined to bring emotional and educational support to families who are dealing with the devastation of cancer to the Tri-State area. After visiting Cancer Support Communities in nearby cities, she and her husband, Randy, rallied the Evansville community to bring cancer support to Evansville. Gilda’s Club opened its red door to families in 2014. Through its evolution, our organization has brought hope, love and encouragement to thousands of people throughout our region.

“It’s humbling to realize cancer doesn’t discriminate and it doesn’t stop just because your family is in its prime.” – Ann Moore


  • Krista W.

    Executive Director

  • Kalah S.

    Operations & Development Director

  • Avory H.

    Program Coordinator

  • Janice L.

    Diversity & Community Outreach, MSW, TN-LSSW

  • Robin E.

    Support Specialist, LMHC, ATR - BC

  • Amber E.

    Support Specialist, LMHC, ATR - BC

  • Dana V.

    Database Administrator

  • Damien B.

    Marketing Specialist

  • JoAnna S.

    Clubhouse Coordinator


  • Scheleen

    Support Groups

  • Chelsey

    Support Groups

  • F/T Program Specialist (MSW, LSW, LCSW, LMHC) - Eldorado, IL

  • P/T Group Facilitator - (MSW, LSW, LCSW, LMHC) - Eldorado

  • Meagan

    Healthy Lifestyle

  • Amanda

    Healthy Lifestyle

  • Ron

    Tai Chi

  • Sarah


  • Barb

    Yoga 4 Cancer

  • Harley

    Movement and Motivation

Board of Directors

  • Aaron Rees


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  • Sarah Hardy

    Vice President

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  • Sarah Timmons


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  • Kelsey Dus

  • Cathy Graper

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  • Barry Heichelbech

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  • Kelly Rode

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  • Christian Tant

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  • John Yellig

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